For most, the story of Chau is what lies on the plate in front of you. My story, however, began when my mother discovered her passion for food when she was 13 years old, working at a soup-stall on the streets of Saigon. 

In my family, we have always believed that Vietnamese cooking and a complete dining experience can co-exist together in one space. The ability to share a small piece of our belief with everyone at Chau has become a reality, rather than an ambition. So, from my family, we hope you enjoy your experience here at Chau, and we thank you for allowing our story to continue on. 

- Maria H., Owner

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Co Chau, Maria’s Mother. 1978 – Café CHAU, refugee camp, Kuku Island, Indonesia.



The Huynh family has decades of experience in the restaurant industry. It all started in 1978 with Café CHAU, a soup stall in a refugee camp on Kuku Island, Indonesia. The Huynh family escaped Vietnam and lived at the refugee camp for two years before being discovered by the Red Cross and moved to Canada. Here, Co Chau worked selling traditional Vietnamese meatballs from her social housing complex in Chinatown and soon after, saved enough money to open the city's first Vietnamese deli in 1986. 

In 2008, everything changed. After Co Chau was diagnosed with a brain tumour, the Huynh family decided to make a radical change, placing their focus on family and health. In 2011, CHAU Veggie was created, serving a menu full of fresh vegetables and minimally processed ingredients, inspired by roots in family and traditions. 

Co Chau has always believed that a good warm meal is a true comfort in life. To this day, she continues to put smiles on peoples’ faces through her love and passion for cooking.  


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